Tax File Number

Lost TFN? 5 Ways to Find Your Tax File Number


Tax returns are so important but you cannot submit a return without your TFN. Now, your tax file number is one of the most important factors you need when it comes tax time because this number stays with you forever. This number basically identifies you to the government and you’ll have to find a way to safely store it but if you should lose your number, what happens? Here are a few ways to find the number.

Check Your Tax Letters

When the tax year ends, usually the government sends out a letter to say you need to submit another tax form and this may allow you to find your TFN. You should first look at any tax documents you have and search for the tax file number. It should state somewhere the number but if not, don’t worry, there are other options for you to try. If unsure, check out for more information.

Payment Statements

If you pay any outstanding tax amounts to the government, you should have some sort of statement or paperwork. There should be some form of documentation to state the payments made and if you have this, you should be able to find your TFN. It may be at the top of the page; which is used to help identify you. You will need your TFN to submit tax returns in the future in Australia.

Letters from Tax Assessment Letters

When tax time comes and you need to submit tax returns, you will need your TFN and should be able to find this from any tax assessment letters. Now, some may not receive letters but usually you will and if so, then from here you should be able to locate the necessary numbers you need. If not, you may have to try other documents to find your number.

Contact the Australian Tax Office for Your Tax File Number

You could always call the ATO and ask for a copy of your TFN to be sent to you or they may decide to tell you over the telephone. This does vary however but usually contacting the authorities should allow you to locate the number without too much difficulty. If you aren’t able to get through, you should try a few times and if not, write.visite the website now:

Try Your Superannuation Member Statement

If all else fails, you should locate your TFN on any superannuation member statement. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find your tax file number but you have to remember it’s important to have this at hand. It is needed for a variety of things including to submit tax returns.

Submit Your Tax Returns Successfully

Tax File Number

Whenever you find your tax file number you should be able to submit your tax returns online or in paper form easily and without trouble. Of course, if you have some issues still with your TFN, then you may need to contact the government again and ask to get the number. Remember, if you haven’t registered for a TFN, you will need to register.

Keep Your Number Safe

When you are given a tax file number, you should ensure this number is kept safe and secure. Now, keep the letter with the number in a safe location and if you should lose this, you should keep a note somewhere safe to ensure it doesn’t get lost or stolen. If you don’t have this number and you should ever need it, when filing a return, you will have some difficulty. When you want to file tax returns in Australia, you will need your TFN so keep it safe somewhere.

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