Tourist Tax Refund Scheme


Most tourists have the option for getting tourist tax refunds when they are visiting and paying taxes on goods that they have bought. Not many tourists are aware that you can actually claim the taxes that you have paid on certain items when visiting Australia. Here is everything that you need to know about the tourist tax refund scheme.

What is the tourist tax refund scheme?

When you are a tourist and you bought certain products in Australia, you can claim the tax back that you have paid on these items. The tourist tax refund scheme also known as TRS. You can claim the TRS not only for products that you bought, but also services that you used. You can claim tax on the GST or goods and service tax back.

The TRS is available to every tourist that is visiting Australia and has bought goods or services while in the country. You will find the TRS Australian Customs and Border Protection Services. Only operating air crew can’t make use of this service. More details here!

What you need to know before you can claim at that TRS

Before you can claim with the tourist tax refund scheme, you need to meet some of the criteria set by the TRS. Here are some of the things that you should know about claiming from the TRS and their criteria.

  • You should have spent more than $300 in one business. You can’t claim for these tax refunds if you have spent $300 or more in Australia. It must be in one business alone.
  • You should have bought the stuff no more than 60 days before departure from Australia. This means that you can’t claim the stuff that you have bought more than two months before you left the country.
  • You must be able to carry the goods as hand luggage when you are departing from the airport. There’s some products that you are not allowed to carry as hand luggage, which needs to be checked in.
  • You should have paid for the stuff yourself and have the proof to show that you have paid it yourself.
  • You need to have the original tax invoice for the goods that you have bought that you want to claim the tax for.

Mobile and web TRS apps

You don’t have to visit the TRS anymore. There is a TRS app available that you can use to claim your tax refund back on the products that you have bought in Australia. This makes claiming back the tax so much more convenient and easy, especially if you have already left the country.

With this app, all that you need to do is to enter your personal details, and the details of the products and their descriptions, and the method that you want to get the refund in. With using this app, the whole process will be done a lot faster.

You can claim against the TRS for certain products and services that you have bought as a tourist in Australia. There are some criteria that you need to meet before you can claim, but there is a big possibility that you can get some tax refunds on these products, when you leave the country.

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