Where are my tax refunds?


Tax is the money paid to the authorities or a toll given to the government. It is implemented on the local personal by law enforcing bodies; failure to pay tax is amenable to punishment. Tax can be direct or indirect and maybe paid in currency or labor analogue.

Tax return or tax refund is the reimburse of tax when the tax accountability is less than the tax defrayed. Taxpayers can claim their tax returns if they indebted less than the total they defrayed and additional refundable tax credits they claim.

Are you residing in Australia??

If you are residing in Australia, then you are also liable to pay tax. All those individuals who are living or studying in Australia for 6 months or more are entitled to pay their tax. If you want to claim your tax returns, the best solution is to contact www.taxreturn247.com.au .

Who is Tax Return24/7?

Tax Return 24/7 is Melbourne based Australia’s leading Tax return service helping Australians with their tax refund since 2012. Their services are not only confined to Australians but people residing abroad as well. They give you the advantage of feeling secure that wherever you are can contact them, and they give you professional advice. Their client satisfaction is 100 percent as a rabble of Australians claims tax returns; if their tax is unlogged, they can get a penalty from ATO (Australian Taxation Office).

Individuality of Tax Return24/7:

  • Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Charge fee of $99 from refund fee
  • Tax return over the phone in 10 minutes
  • Maximum refund is guaranteed

How Tax Return24/7 can help you?

As they manage their clients on calls, what you need is first to call them via landline or mobile with all the necessary documentation on front desk and also your tax file number and follow these steps:

  1. Call at 1300 TAX 247 or enter their online form on their website taxreturn247.com.au and assign an appropriate time for them to call you.
  2. A professional tax officer will contact you, you can advance your expected tax refund on the same day, with nothing to pay upfront. Any supporting information can be sent via text message call or email.
  3. Tax refund agent will sign off on your tax refund, and you’ll get your tax refunds within few days.

What is company tax refunds service?

It’s the service provided to many small and medium scale businesses. With preparation time frame of 3 days and economical price span, they provide the best service to entrepreneurs. All you need is to call at 1300 884 382 or visit their website www.taxreturn247.com.au .

How much fees do they charge?

The price list of their return is as follows:


Basic individual tax returns                                                                                           $ 99

Fee from Refund                                                                                                                    $ 10



Schedule – Rental Property                                                                                               $ 79.95

Schedule – CGT (each event a separate schedule & charge)                                      $ 49.95

Schedule – Business Schedule                                                                                          $ 49.95

Sole Trader Tax Refund                                                                                                     $ 200

Partnership Tax Return                                                                                                $ 250

ABN/TFN Registration                                                                                                     $ 100




Company Formation                                                                                                            $ 700

Trust Formation with personal Trustee                                                                           $ 600

Trust with Corporate Trustee                                                                                            $ 990

Company Tax Return + Financial Statements                                                               $ 1200

Trust Tax Return + Financial Statements                                                                      $ 1200

BAS lodgment based on numbers provided by client                                                    $ 50

BAS lodgment including preparation of quarterly accounts                                       $ 300

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